do ya wanna rally? well, do ya?



Let em' loose!

It's rally time once again, and for veterans and newcomers, we want to let you and your scooters loose for a weekend in Austin! Spend a little time navigating our new site to find out what this year has in store. You can start by heading over to our overview page. Don't forget to follow us on your favorite social media for updates, photos and more.

A Raffle You Can Win

The Dirty Rally is not for profit. You are eligible to win just by registering, and we never sell additional raffle tickets. That means less raffle tickets, so you have a better chance of hitting that target. Find out more about registration tiers, timelines, and raffle tickets by heading over to the Registration and Raffle pages.

AF1 Racing

AF1 Racing is the title sponsor of the The Dirty Rally. They've stepped up and helped out by donating the big prize for our Bike Raffle, providing assistance with organization and more. Make sure to visit them for all of your Vespa, Piaggio, and Genuine scooter needs. You can visit our Sponsors page to learn more and see a full list of everyone who has helped this year's rally become a reality.